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Fitness Trails Outdoor Exercise Systems And Equipment

Fitness Trails is an international company that, since the 1980’s, has provided outdoor cluster and circuit isokinetic exercise systems. The uniqueness of our equipment is that it is safe; durable; attractive; environmentally friendly; easy to maintain; configured in a planned… “warm-up, stretch, cardio, strengthen, and cool-down” progression; …and is competitively priced.

Originally designed in Australia and manufactured in both Australia and the USA, Fitness Trails systems have confirmed worldwide appeal due to their self-guided systems having been designed by physical fitness educators and exercise physiologists. In turn, they ensure all users gain health, strength and stamina enhanced results in a safe effective manner.

Our equipment has been designed to accommodate users of all fitness training and experience levels and all ages. The included graphic instruction panels are essential components describing how each exercise should be conducted. They also note the benefits and act as work-out motivators to stimulate three levels of intensity… beginner, weekend warrior and every day champion!

Fitness Trails America kits are 90% prefabricated and arrive with clear and explicit installation instruction manuals. The sets can be installed by customers’ maintenance staffs, volunteers, local contractors or a Fitness Trails certified outdoor recreation equipment contractor. The manuals are clear and the installation simple. For example, it takes just over two days to unpack an Exersite, mark out the grid pattern, and erect the kit.

Fitness Trails systems are made of UV stable “green and environmentally sustainable recycled plastic” (poly-lumber) with NO moving parts to invite vandalism, oxidation, airborne debris or worn bushings. They require NO lubrication, NO bushing replacements and DO NOT pose potential hand injuries.

Unlike forerunner wooden sets, poly-lumber will not discolor, crack, split or invite “splinter” injuries. There are NO preservation chemicals, coatings or paint to leach into the ground or water tables.

And… with no special surface material needed, Fitness Trails systems require little-to-no maintenance… just set-and-forget!

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