outdoor exercise systems and equipment designed to accommodate users of all levels of fitness and ages

Circuit Systems

The 9, 12 and 18 Station Fitness Trails systems, or circuits, compose a series of individual exercise stations with corresponding signs.

Our circuit systems are perfect for all types of nature trails, pathways, towpaths, sidewalks, and park or corporate walkways. Whether in municipal parks, on corporate property, around hospitals and universities or circling a pond, quarry or lake, the circuit systems are typically evenly spaced to allow joggers, walkers, cyclers and most other exercisers to combine a full or partial exercise with their trek. Able bodied, handicapped, recuperating, and users in training as well as families, parents with strollers and walking groups can all appreciate and benefit from full bodied workouts while maintaining a complete walking or running regimen.

Starting by stretching and warming-up, participants move through cardio exercises, strength training and finally a cool-down to properly, completely and enjoyably combine all phases of a comprehensive workout.

The same Exersite fitness principles for our Cluster Kits apply to the circuits to provide a safe, effective, and self-paced exercise program.

Each system includes the unique Welcome and Heart Check Guide with individual signs at each station to graphically lead users through the exercises ensuring proper use for their ability or experience level.

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