outdoor exercise systems and equipment designed to accommodate users of all levels of fitness and ages

Cluster Systems

The Cluster concept involves placing exercise stations in a cluster arrangement within a specified area with each piece of equipment being a few yards away from each other.

Users have what is essentially a mini outdoor gym, typically in a park, corporate or school setting where they can warm-up, stretch, build muscle strength, concentrate on cardiovascular fitness and finally, a cool-down.

This layout is especially popular for group exercising where users can exercise together while communicating and/or adding support and encouragement to each other. (ie schools, athletic teams, therapy clinics, corporate environment, residential developments, and resorts). Participants move from exercise to exercise following the permanent instruction signage to systematically work out in a safe, supportive and effective manner.

The standard Exersite™ provides 15 activities located in a 13 yd x 13 yd area. An ideal location is close to where users would find it convenient to engage in other outdoor activities (jogging/walking paths, community recreation facilities, schools and universities, parks, residential subdivisions, etc.).

The Separated Exersite (15 activities – 20 pieces of equip.) divides the Exersite into four smaller clusters along walking/jogging trails or open field breaking the system into 4 “satellite” areas. The Separated Exersite quadrants can be separated to any desirable distance to allow for more room between stations in areas that might otherwise be crowded.

The Modified Exersite (8 stations) and the Back-to-Basics Exersite (6 stations) offer condensed, but effective, workouts for areas with less space, less prospective users, or more restricted budgets.

The SchoolFit Exersite is ideal for children (K – 6th grade). The SchoolFit focuses on agility, coordination and balance – all vital in the physical development of younger children. The exercises include warm-up and cool-down stretches, arm, shoulder, abdominal and leg strengtheners, cardio-vascular activities, agility and balance exercises. This balanced combination provides three stages of difficulty to challenge children of all fitness levels.

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