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Fitness Trails America LLC appreciates your interest in the health benefits of a regular physical fitness regimen as well as for our environmentally friendly, outdoor exercise cluster and circuit systems.

While Fitness Trails America would be pleased to provide information, photos, diagrams, specifications, instruction manual samples, articles, PowerPoint presentations, etc., it has proven to be the most prudent course of progress to briefly discuss each individual case to home in on a cluster or circuit system based on needs and preferences. There are several from which to choose and independent situations determine which system is most suitable.

Please be assured, conversing for a few minutes will NOT open the door to unsolicited sales calls, bothersome emails, or any other hard-sell tactics.  Fitness Trails is a veteran, multinational corporation and neither practices nor supports unprofessional sales methods.

To briefly discuss your individual circumstances, needs and preferences, please refer to the contact information provided below.

Barry Tyo
Fitness Trails America, LLC
Office: 14900 Detroit Ave.
Suite #306
Lakewood, OH 44107
216-228-1158 (office)
440-773-5486 (cell)
Website: www.fitnesstrails.com
Email: barrytyo@fitnesstrails.com
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