outdoor exercise systems and equipment designed to accommodate users of all levels of fitness and ages

Systems Overview


Each Cluster or Circuit system is characterized by a series of exercise stations either grouped together or spaced over a predetermined distance between stops.

At each station, users are ‘coached’ by signs carrying high quality graphics and text describing and illustrating how to use the equipment safely and effectively.

Our systems are ‘user’ friendly, safe and provide a good fitness workout for people of all abilities and fitness levels.

Fitness Trails Cluster Systems

  • Standard Exersite
  • Separated Exersite
  • Modified Exersite
  • SchoolFit Exersite (Grades K-6)
  • Inclusive Exersite (ADA compliant)
  • Back-to-Basics Exersite
  • Stretching Guide (golf, tennis etc.)

Fitness Trails Cluster Systems offer a “group” environment where all equipment is situated in a square or rectangular area for users to exercise together or in groups such as school classes, sports teams, therapy classes, corporate environment, HOAs, neighborhoods, etc.


Fitness Trails Circuit Configurations

  • 9 Station
  • 12 Station
  • 18 Station

Fitness Trails Circuit Configurations are idea for oval, patterned or linear layouts that follow a path, trail, pond, lake, park or corporate setting and are designed to have individual stations regularly positioned to allow users to walk, jog, run, or bicycle between individual stations and workout exercises.

Customers are also invited to design their own Fitness Trails systems or augment standard kits with additional stations from our offering of equipment.

PLEASE NOTE: To avoid strains, sprains and other muscular trauma, we strongly recommend independent equipment configurations adhere to Fitness Trails America’s (1) warm-up, (2) stretch, (3) cardio exercise, (4) strengthen, and (5) cool-down progression when independently planning or constructing a self-designed course.
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